10 Super Cute Halloween Costumes For Babies + Toddlers

Okay, so most people that I've asked have said that the best part of halloween is the candy. See, the thing is, I'm not a "sweets" person. I can literally eat a baked yam and call it a day. So, for me Halloween is all about the costumes. I mean come on people, it's a day set aside for everyone (young and old) to play dress-up and make-believe lol. And yeah, adults in costumes are cool and all, but how adorable are the little tiny humans all dressed up?

Need a little Halloween costume inspiration for your bambini? Check out our top 10 cute Halloween 2020 costume picks for babies and toddlers!

Baby Flamingo Halloween Costume

Pottery Barn Kids

Aeromax Jr. Astronaut Romper


Baby Vintage Lamb Costume

Costume Super Center

Princess Puffy Ball Gown Costume

Ava Dress

Tiny Triceratops Costume

Halloween Costumes

Gold Mermaid Costume Skirt


Red Riding Hood Costume


Ramen Noodle Costume


Hedgehog Costume


Cuddly Cappuccino Costume

Halloween Costumes

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