Unique Fall Inspired Baby Names

Whip out the jackets, boots and pumpkin spice lattes mamas and papas, it's my favorite season of the year, fall! We could easily be making apple pies or curling up with a nice book watching the leaves fall, but we're naming some babies.

Check out our favorite autumn-inspired (oh and the name Autumn is on the list lol) names for your tiny human waiting to make their debut!

1. Aki: Means “born in autumn” in Japanese.

2. Akiko: Translates to "autumn child" in Japanese.

3. Hazan: Means "autumn" in Turkish.

4. Albero: The fall season brings to mind the beautiful palette of tree foliage colors, and Albero is the word for tree in Italian.

5. Aspen: This unisex name pays homage to the Aspen tree, also known as the Quaking tree.

6. Ashoun: A lovely Armenian name meaning autumn.

7. Demi: Short version of Demetria, the Greek Goddess of Harvest.

8. Azaroa: Means November in Basque.

9. Forest: There is nothing more quintessentially autumnal than those red, orange and gold leaves wafting down from the trees. So this tree-themed name is an ideal choice.

10. Lugh: Pronounced LOO, this is an Irish mythological name of a divine hero, associated with the harvest festival of Lughnasadh, which is named after him.

11. Hazel: A great autumn choice for autumn. Hazelnuts are picked in early autumn.

12. Roux: This unusual unisex choice heads towards the brownish-red end of the autumnal spectrum.

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